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Written by PSB Bryan | 08 May 2012

JDixonLouisville12Jamie Dixon was on The Fan yesterday and talked about recruiting in the ACC and John Marinatto.

He thinks recruiting will stay the same. Leaving the memories of the Big East will be "bittersweet," but "the ACC holds a bright future for us."

The team felt good about winning the CBI and the improvement the team showed in the final third of the season.

Trey Zeigler is finishing his finals at Central Michigan and then Pitt will file an appeal to the NCAA on Zeigler's eligibility for next season.

Steven Adams is on his way. No academic "struggles."


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Written by PSB Bryan | 07 May 2012


Big East Commissioner John Marinatto has been relieved of his duties. That shouldn't really be a shock since he was terrible, but still a surprise that it happened now. You know, with the conference's impending BCS battle to remain a power conference and the television deal that will define its ability to compete. Just that.

It was a coup led by the basketball-only members, which is sort of morbidly hilarious.

Sources tell the Newark Star-Ledger that the new commissioner is expected to have a background in in football and/or television rights. I just pray that he has some connection to Providence College.

Dana O'Neil writes how he lacked the skill-set to handle the admittedly tough hand he was dealt (via ESPN):

Marinatto is a good man. He is a nice man. He was then, and remained until his last day at work, the wrong man for this job.

Jim Delany is a lawyer. Ditto Mike Slive. Larry Scott arrived at the then-Pac-10 having resuscitated a flailing women's professional tennis league. Bob Bowlsby has more awards and accolades as a big-time sports administrator than the cash-flush Big 12 members he will preside over.

Marinatto was born in Providence, went to Providence College, worked at Providence and then took a job in the Big East, which is located in … Providence.

With the exception of the ghost of Dave Gavitt, the league could not have hired a more "Big East" guy.

But the league didn't need a man well versed in the past; it needed someone who could project for the future. Marinatto couldn't and now, while everyone else is in line waiting to cash in on whatever football playoff system the BCS configures, the Big East is trying to redefine its very identity on the fly.

He's only the third commissioner in the conference's history. All three have had extraordinarily close ties to Providence College. Dave Gavitt was the former head coach and athletic director the Friars. Mike Tranghese was the former SID and Marinatto followed in his footsteps.

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Written by TFW Bryan | 07 May 2012

So...ummm...yeah.  There's this news out of nowhere this afternoon...




Now the fun part.  Savage, a former 4* QB out of Philadelphia, committed to Rutgers in April of 2008 for the 2009 class.  Savage was the starting QB as a freshman at Rutgers, taking a majority of the snaps, and finished completing 53% of his passes for 14 TDs and 7 INTs.  His sophomore year did not go as well.  Savage lost his starting job to freshman Chas Dodd by the fourth game of the season.

Following the season, Savage announced that he would be transfering and landed at Arizona.  After sitting out 2011, he found out that his new coach would be Rich Rodriguez.  Savage claims that this was not the reason, but had decided to transfer out of Arizona...back to Rutgers.

Under NCAA rules, and because this is his second transfer, Savage must sit out another year, even if he transfers to an FCS school closer to his home, such as Villanova or Delaware, unless he can get a waiver from the NCAA.

Burning his red shirt in 2011, Savage would only have one year of eligibility remaining unless the NCAA granted him a waiver...which they did not.

So that leads us to today.  Is Savage going to be a Panther?  It sounds like it.  Will he be granted a waiver to play in 2012 and compete for the starting job against Tino or will he have to wait until 2013, his final year of eligibility, to compete with then sophomore/red shirt freshman Chad Voytik?  Stay tuned for these answers as we find out ourselves...

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Written by PSB Bryan | 07 May 2012

PittPSUIt's May, so you know what that means - time for more worthless Pitt-Penn State series renewal chatter! Seriously, it's getting earlier every year. At least it was mid-May last year.

This year's catalyst is none other than Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien, who is on a PR tour of Pennsylvania (via the Trib):

“I would love to see that game played on an annual basis,” O’Brien told the Tribune-Review on Friday. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for (Pitt coach) Paul Chryst and their program, and that’s a great rivalry. For the fans of Pennsylvania to be able to see that game every year, I think that’s pretty neat.”

Before everyone gets all "ZOMG DA RIVALRY!!1!" that was pretty much Joe Paterno's long-held position on the issue too. At least publicly.

I'm excited about the series briefly resuming in 2016 and 2017. If nothing else, it will be better than a random BCS-level home-and-home. It should generate a lot more for the programs in terms of interest, both by fans and the media. But anything longer than that would require some tough decisions by both programs that might not be in either's interests.

Both teams are set to play nine game "set" schedules. For Pitt, it will be nine ACC conference games. For Penn State, eight Big Ten games plus a rotating Pac-12 opponent. That leaves three games to work with. And both teams will likely take the same general approach: one FCS game, one MAC game, one marquee BCS-level game.

And before the thought takes root: Pitt should absolutely not drop Notre Dame to make room for Penn State. Like it or not, Notre Dame is a national game. Pitt vs. Penn State is regional. If both of Pennsylvania's major teams are ranked, it garner national attention, but in the unfortunate situation that neither team are ranked to start 2016, get ready for a 4:30 kickoff on ESPNU. On the other hand, no matter how bad both teams are, Pitt-Notre Dame is on NBC/ABC/ESPN. Notre Dame is national. Playing a team two-and-a-half hours away is regional. College football programs thrive on exposure and playing Notre Dame delivers that in a big way that no other program can match.

And the same goes for Penn State. They're coming off a home-and-home with Alabama. Next up is a series with Virginia and a Meadowlands game versus Syracuse. Then it's an eastern tour against Big East remainders Temple and Rutgers. If they threw in Maryland, they'd have all their major recruiting areas covered. And while Penn State obviously recruits western Pennsylvania, the level of exposure they get here is enough to keep kids thinking of them.

So unless either teams drops the cupcakes (not going to happen - FREE MONEY), the series ends again in 2017. And that's ok.

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Written by PSB Bryan | 01 May 2012

JRobinsonDemathaIn what I can only assume is an effort to provide bored Pitt bloggers a topic of discussion in these dire spring months, Pitt signee James Robinson is trying out for Team USA's Under 18 team. Cameron Wright tried out for last year's Under 19 team but didn't make the cut, however, Ashton Gibbs had a great experience with the Dixon coached the U19 team in 2010 that won the gold and is credited with his development.

The invitees are led by Tennessee sophomore Jarnell Stokes, Michigan State signee Gary Harris and Duke signee Rasheed Sulaimon. Robinson will be competing for a spot with fellow point guards Ryan Arcidiacono (Villanova), Kris Dunn (Providence) and 2013 point guards Andrew Harrison and Nate Britt. Robinson's teammate and Syracuse SF signee Jerami Grant was also invited.

Probably a bit of an uphill battle for Robinson just by glancing at the player rankings, but he's certainly in top-tier of 2012 point guards so anything can happen.

The tryouts are in the beginning of June in Colorado and the games begin June 16th in Brazil. We'll be following this closely.

It won't be Robinson's first time representing the USA. This month, Robinson participated in the Nike sponsored "Hoop Summit" event in Oregon. Robinson kept a diary of the event, so you can read about how Nike sinks their claws in kids early provides developmental assistance young men.

(More after the jump)

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Written by PSB Bryan | 30 April 2012

LindseySnowDespite the success of several Pitt players in the NFL this season, the program's reputation wasn't enough to get one of Pitt's 2012 senior class drafted in this weekend's NFL draft.

This is the first time Pitt was shut out of the draft since 1999 and it's only one year after Jon Baldwin was taken in the first round by the Kansas City Chiefs. Pitt has produced four first round picks since 2004 (Fitzgerald, Revis, Otah, Baldwin).

By conference, the SEC had the most players selected. The ACC was third and the Big East was tied for sixth with the Mountain West, ironic given their constant comparisons.

For the newest ex-Panthers, it wasn't a particularly enjoyable weekend. Turns out, sitting and waiting to hear your name called is only fun if it actually gets called (via the Trib):

Lindsey said watching the draft was no fun.

“I stopped watching after a while,” he said.

Alecxih said he watched every minute of the draft.

“It was horrible — like the worst experience ever,” he said. “But things happen for a reason. I’m going to make the team.”

Not getting drafted isn't the end of the line, however. Seven of Pitt's players have already signed as free agents with various teams around the league. Here's the list, courtesy of Pantherlair:

  • Chas Alexcih - Miami Dolphins
  • Max Gruder - Atlanta Falcons
  • Buddy Jackson - Indianapolis Colts
  • Brandon Lindsey - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Lucas Nix - Oakland Raiders
  • Antwuan Reed - Cleveland Browns
  • Greg Williams - Houston Texans

For what it's worth, NFL.com has Nix as one of their best players to go undrafted.

Best of luck to all of them.

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Written by TFW Bryan | 29 April 2012


Apparently they think very highly of Pitt football, atleast according to their home page.  And no, this is not a regional or customized page.  This is national, baby!

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Written by PSB Bryan | 28 April 2012


Meet Dan Samuelson. Dan committed to play for Pitt last week. Dan is a big boy (via the South Bend Tribune):

Plymouth Rockies guard Dan Samuelson, a 6-foot-5, 290-pounder, became the fourth player to verbally commit to Pitt's Class of 2013.

"He's a very physical run blocker," Plymouth High School coach John Barron said of Samuelson. "Not only was his size what attracted a lot of people, but his length attracted people. He has long legs, long arms, and he moves real well. He's a guy we can pull and trap with. We can run power behind him.

"Dan is the type of kid who fits what we do at Plymouth, but certainly is a fit for major colleges. Even though we don't throw a lot, he can play tackle and block that real athletic edge player. I think that's what people project him to be."

A consensus three-star player according to Rivals, 247 and Scout, Samuelson had offers from Minnesota, Illinois and Wake Forest. There was apparently also some level of interest from Penn State.

Samuelson will be the first Pitt player from Indiana for 42 years. That's not a big surprise - it's a smaller state with three BCS schools and firmly in Big 10 country - but it's another example of this staff using their midwest connections to lure Big 10 kids to the ACC. And it's clear that the staff is using the ACC as a recruiting tool (via):

"It's pretty important to be the first class of Pitt football moving into the ACC," Samuelson said.

"We have a big goal to try and be powerful in that conference. We need a lot of talent to finish out our team. We obviously have a lot of work to do. It's pretty special that we'll be the first ones to compete in the ACC."

His high school coach was impressed with the coaching staff's honesty (via the Trib):

Samuelson also enjoyed his meetings with coach Paul Chryst and line coach Jim Hueber, Baron said.

“It didn’t seem like Pitt (coaches) were a bunch of car salesmen,” said Baron, who had a hour-long telephone conversation with Chryst. “The other schools seemed like car salesmen, wheelers and dealers.

As for Samuelson's personality, well (via):

"He's a really athletic big kid," Barron said. "Plus, he's an A-B student. He's a kid who's never been in trouble, he's never going to get in trouble. He's a tremendous leader for us. He lives in the weight room and loves it."

Fantastic. Welcome to Pitt, Dan.

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Written by PSB Bryan | 27 April 2012

Once again, a great job by Pitt's media department. There weren't a lot of memorable moments this season, but it is what it is.

Good video.

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Written by PSB Bryan | 21 April 2012


Like the offensive line, the defensive line is an area that's been neglected during the course of the coaching turnover. With only one defensive end and two defensive tackles over the past two signing days, Chryst needs desperately needs to add talented players to the four man line.

Enter defensive end Shakir Soto, who committed to Pitt today.

Listed around 6'3"-6'4" and between 230-240 lbs, Soto is unranked by Rivals and Scout right now, but is a three-star according to 247. 247 also has him as the fourteenth best prospect in the state and number one defensive end.

The Wilkes Barre product picked Pitt over BCS-level offers from Boston College, Maryland, Virginia and Temple.

Soto is a very good track athlete as well, earning recognition in shot put, 300 meter hurdles and the 4x1600 relay.

You can check out extended highlights here, but the ScoutingPA.com highlights are after the jump (they're generally easier to follow because they identify the Soto before the snap).

Welcome aboard, Shakir!

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