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Ray Graham expected back for camp | May


Buried in the Tino Sunseri hysteria was maybe the real news of Andrea Adelson's piece from the ACC spring meetings (via ESPN):

Now here is a quick update on running back Ray Graham, coming off a knee injury. Chryst said Graham is "progressing" and anticipates his star back will be ready for the start of fall camp.

"The plan is he will be ready," Chryst said. "We’ll have him practice. He needs it. They all need it. I’m not going to project too much until it’s time. But we’re planning on it. We’re going full steam ahead."

Huge. Graham led the conference in rushing before his injury and should be considered the frontrunner for Big East POY if he can come back at 100%.

The conventional wisdom on ACL injuries are that they take a full year to heal. With Graham's injury occurring at the very end of September, getting him in camp at the beginning of August means he's well ahead of schedule.

Graham, Bennett, Shell, repeat. There's 75% of the offense.