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Thank you | June

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Pitt Script Blog. And because no one reads blogs on weekends (who knew?), this will be our last post. On behalf of everyone here, we'd like to send out some thank yous.

I'd like to thank Ben, Derek, Dave and the rest of the incredible staff at Bloguin who rescued me from Wordpress hell and gave me an opportunity and fantastic platform to develop and grow this site. I doubt I'd still be writing if it wasn't for their deep know-how and expertise. Bloguin is a fantastic company - our decision to leave has nothing to do with Bloguin, but only with our desire to share the daily workload with a few more writers. Please be sure to keep reading Bloguin's superb Pittsburgh sports blogs, who certainly need no plugs here, and their college football blog Crystal Ball Run should remain one of your daily reads.

Thank you to Pitt's great beat writers, Paul Zeise, Jerry DiPaola, Ray Fittipaldo, John Grupp, Chris Peak and Matt Steinbrink. Also, thank you to the high school sports guys Mike White and Ken Gorman. This has never been a "trash the local beat writer" sort of blog. That's partially because of our personalities here, but mostly because Pitt athletics has been fortunate to have so many good journalists covering it. We couldn't operate without your hard work.

Thank you to EJ Borghetti, Mendy Nestor, Greg Hotchkiss, Pat Bostick and rest of the Pitt Athletic Department for your support.

Thank you to Chas at Pitt Blather for the support and inspiration over the years. How he's maintained an independent blog as almost the sole contributor for the majority of a decade, I'll never know.

Thank you to Josh Verlin, Brian Batko and the crew at Panther Sports Network for their contributions to the site.

Thank you to the Oakland Zoo, leadership and membership, current and past, local and long-distance, for always making us feel welcomed.

And finally, thank you, the readers. Thank you for laughing at the bad jokes, for arguing, for pointing out when we were wrong, for making this site what it is today. I hope many of you will follow us over to Cardiac Hill.

On behalf of Anthony and Bryan, we're signing off.

It's been a wild few years.

Hail to Pitt.