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Former Rutgers QB Tom Savage enrolls at Pitt | June


It began with a few seemingly random tweets in May and now it's confirmed - Tom Savage has indeed transferred to Pitt and will be eligible to play in 2013 (via the Trib):

He did not return a call from the Tribune-Review on Sunday, but he did join his new teammates at an informal dinner/get-together in advance of the start of the university’s second summer session Monday.

Savage, 6-foot-5, 235 pounds, won’t be eligible until ‘13 after sitting out the upcoming season as a transfer. Savage is permitted to participate in every practice and meeting with the quarterbacks, missing only the games.

Savage will likely compete for the starting job in 2013 with then second year QB Chad Voytik and (hopefully) true freshman Tra'Von Chapman who is expected to commit to Pitt on July 1.

It's been a while since Tom Savage played in a college game - he had to sit out last year when he transferred from Rutgers to Arizona - but the former four-star QB showed a lot of promise as a freshman at Rutgers. If nothing else, he'll provide solid depth and will compete with two unknown commodities at QB. The bottom line is that Pitt's quarterback situation in 2013 is much better because of this transfer.

Hail to Pitt!