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Report: Bostad to the NFL (again) | February

Good morning world:



I'm waiting for another credible report before I officially panic, but there's reason to suspect this is true. The biggest of which is that Alex Marvez is a respected NFL reporter, much more so than the fairly anaonymous CBS Radio Chicago report that had him off to the Bears.

We'll be updating this post throughout the day/weekend.

Off to find some morning beers....

UPDATE 1: According to friend of the blog Jeff of Black Shoe Diaries, 4-star Ohio QB Malik Zaire is visiting Pitt this weekend. Pitt needs to crush these rumors ASAP if untrue.

UPDATE 2: And here's Marvez's article on Fox Sports.

UPDATE 3: No confirmation or denial yet by Pitt or Tampa Bay and no further reporting yet this morning. If Pitt does lose Bostad, there's always the possibility that Chryst could hire his brother, Geep Chryst. Geep is currently the quarterbacks coach for the 49ers and certainly deserves a fair share of credit for Alex Smith's improved play. Here's his blurb from the 49er's website. And here's a nice article from out west on Geep.

UPDATE 4: Bob Bostad was removed from Pitt's website. Seems rather official. Crap.

UPDATE 5: Thinking about the possibility of Geep Chryst as OC. I'd add quarterback coach to his title as well. That would allow Chryst to allow Joe Rudolph to coach tight ends (like he did at Wisconsin) and current tight end coach Jim Hueber to coach OL like he has for most of his career. No idea whether Geep wants to come aboard, but food for though.