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Chryst meets the press | February

Paul Chryst met with the media yesterday to discuss spring practice beginning in March. Lots of topics to touch on on:

  • Bostad leaving wasn't unexpected. This generally jives with how easy it was to slide Rudolph over to OC and Hueber to OL. I've always thought it was a safe assumption that Bostad was really just going to be the OL coach with a better title and Chryst is going to actually call the plays. He led more support to that notion yesterday (via the PG):

"I obviously have a lot to offer, but, at the same time, I want to let guys do the jobs they were hired to do, and I want to be in touch with the guys in all phases of the game as ultimately I am responsible for it all," Chryst said.

He was asked again if he would call plays and he quipped, "Only the good ones."

  • Sunseri will be the starter going into camp. No real surprise there. As bad as Sunseri played last season, he'll have every opportunity to hang on to his job this season. It's very rare that a freshman can come in and play right away, so I'm not sure I'd rely on Voytik coming in and competing this year. The question mark continues to be Mark Myers, who seemingly has the talent to at least garner some attention in practice.
  • On that note, Notre Dame transfer EJ Banks (DB) and Anthony Gonzalez (H-Back) will be depth QBs in the spring. I'd expect Banks to go back to DB and Gonzalez to be moved somewhere on the defense eventually (safety?).
  • Chryst expects to hire a running back and quarterback coach this week.

Obviously, Sunseri is going to be a big topic of discussion all spring. I don't care if it's Sunseri or Myers or Voytik or Anderson - Pitt needs better quarterback play than they had last year.