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TCU interested in Jamie Dixon. Yawn. | April


Thank God for the perennial "Let's go get Jamie Dixon!" talk every off season. Generating content from mid April through late July is tough. Now if it could just wait until spring football ends, this would be perfect.

This year's ridiculous idea/rumor/speculation is that former Horned Frog mid-80s sensation Jamie Dixon will be headed back to Ft. Worth (via Dallas Star-Telegram):

In the past, the idea of luring Dixon away from the tradition-rich Big East Conference to come coach his alma mater in Conference USA or the Mountain West was -- without question -- a long shot.

But how about now?

Several sources at TCU said the school's move to the Big 12 next season, coupled with athletic director Chris Del Conte's assurances that plans of a major renovation to the basketball facilities are in his sights, could be enough to get Dixon listening.

No one would love to pull off the extraordinary coaching coup more than Del Conte. And he has a history with Dixon, who first suggested to Del Conte and Big East officials that TCU should seriously consider joining the Big East.

No. Stop. Really.

To be fair, the rest of the article explains why that's an incredible long-shot. ESPNDallas prefers to go with "ZOMG GO GET EM" approach. (ESPN regional sites! The same crappy writing you're used to, but now with more homerism!)

Obviously, this isn't going to happen. Pay no heed to the fact that Dixon isn't from the Dallas / Ft. Worth area or even Texas or even that quadrant of the country. Dixon is from southern California and happened to spend four years as a player for TCU in the mid-80s. He's lived in Pittsburgh for thirteen years. His children were born in Pittsburgh. He's built #1 ranked teams in Pittsburgh. He can win here and he knows it.

The speculation seems to have not even lasted 24 hours, however, as Dixon was shot down as "not a viable candidate." When your coach leaves to take a MAC job - and not even a particularly good MAC job - you're probably going to do more than match his salary at his Big East / ACC school. Considering Dixon makes nearly three times as much as TCU's last head coach (plus upgraded salary for assistants, facilities and recruiting budget), it would cost TCU several millions in additional costs to even match what Pitt is offering. And I don't think matching would be enough to lure Dixon away from Pitt when he has shied away from interest from programs such as Maryland, Cal, USC, Missouri, Oregon, Arizona State. Hell, even Oregon tried to dig dump a pile of Nike money on him. No luck.

If you're TCU, you had to at least see if he's interested. I get that. That doesn't make it any less silly though.

Its ok. If Pitt loses Dixon, Pederson will just replace him with John Calipari. He's from western Pennsylvania - he must be dying to come home.