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When in Rome | May

In the post-Wannstedt, pre-Haywood days of December, 2010, it seemed as if Dana Holgorsen was going to be the next coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers. Well, until Chancellor Nordenberg reportedly halted that due to character concerns, that is. I was so sure of Holgorsen to Pitt that I added "Holgorsen" to my MSWord dictionary and already set up a Google News alert. (Of course, they ironically went on to hire baby-mama smacker extraordinaire Mike Haywood) But reportedly Nordy wasn't thrilled with a guy with a less than stellar rep who lived in a hotel room as a coordinator for Oklahoma State. Turns out that might not have been too far off:

West Virginia offensive coordinator and coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen’s behavior at a casino last week will pass without public punishment, according to statements released by the school’s athletic department Wednesday.

Mountaineers athletic director Oliver Luck, who returned early from the Big East spring meetings to investigate the incident involving Holgorsen, said he feels his coach was out of line. Holgorsen reportedly was asked to leave a casino in Cross Lanes, W.Va., and police were called to make sure he left.

“Inappropriate behavior did occur,” Luck said in a statement. “Coach Stewart and I have made it clear, and will reiterate, that our coaches and staff are representing the university and the state at all times. We expect them to always display appropriate behavior.”

For the record, things I'm more than ok with: booze, gambling, living in a hotel room (really sounds like a great idea if you can afford it: a maid, room service, free cable). However, I'm not the one going into the homes of 17 year olds and convincing mom to entrust their sons to me for 4-5 years.

And that's really only the second biggest issue if you're a taxpayer of the great state of West Virginia:



Clearly something happened. The police were called. Apologies were made. Charges weren't filed, although that's not necessarily indicative of what we're talking about here. This was an insanely irresponsible to do when you are a publicly paid millionaire in a blue-collar state like West Virginia. Especially if you've done this before. And when you already have a bad reputation to begin with. And when your basketball counterpart already has a history of irresponsible decisions. Because at some point, the Huggins irresponsibility and the Holgorsen irresponsibility will merge and whichever one is the latest to mess up will get canned.

But whatever. If you haven't gotten drunk enough to get kicked out of somewhere then shame on you.

This inspired a conversation on twitter where I suggested that Wannstedt caused this whole thing by staying on 14. Holgorsen hit on 19, Schiano folded immediately and Greg Robinson kept trying to "call." Hence the #BigEastCasino hashtag was created. Behold (after the pagebreak)