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Duke rematch in the works? | February

Ray Fittipaldo has quite the tidbit on the Post-Gazette's premium site, PG+: according to Fittipaldo, "rumor has it" that Pitt and Duke will once again face-off in Madison Square Garden.

When?  Don't know; although the logical assumption would be that this will happen next season.

I love this kind of stuff.  Yes, the Big East provides more than enough competition to prepare an adequate resume to earn a #1 seed in the NCAAs, but these are the kind of games that provide an opportunity for Pitt to show that they belong alongside with the top-dogs.  This isn't football where a loss can kill your hopes.  Instead of playing no one and sneaking in to the national championship, this is beat-the-best-be-the-best world college hoops.

Good stuff.  Hope it happens.