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Report: Bob Bostad to join Paul Chryst at Pitt | December

BBostadUWHatThursday, The Journal Sentinal reported that Pitt had offered jobs to two offensive coaches at Wisconsin, likely offensive line coach Bob Bostad and TE coach/recruiting coordinator/Western Pennsylvania native Joe Rudolph. Later that day, Collin Dunlap tweeted that Bob Bostad was offered the offensive coordinator job at Pitt, citing Bostad's personal relationship with Paul Chryst. It seems as now we have further corroboration as beat writer Tom Mulhern tweeted that Bostad will indeed be leaving Madison for Pittsburgh.

This is certainly cause for celebration for Pitt fans as it means that Chryst was able to lure one of the nation's premiere college position coaches away from Wisconsin. Bostad oversees what has been the sport's most effective running game and will come to Pitt specializing in an area where the Panthers struggled in 2011 - the offensive line.

I would presume this means that Bostad will be promoted to offensive coordinator, as coaches don't generally make lateral moves unless you're Todd Graham. Even though the title "Offensive Coordinator" is likely only that - a title - under Chryst who will reportedly call his own plays, it would certainly come with a significant raise.

As for Rudolph, it appears he will remain and fill Chryst's shoes as the Badgers' offensive coordinator. It would have been fantastic to get them both, but probably an unrealistic hope.

A truly fantastic first hire for Chryst, and hopefully the first of many.