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The QB "Arm"-ageddon | August


Since the beginning of the Todd Graham era, there has been quite a bit of movement with the quarterback depth chart.  It all started with former QB, now safety Kolby Gray moving back to the QB position...only to transfer to Baylor and play safety for former Pitt defensive coordinator Phil Bennett, or possibly become a full-time country music singer (OK, maybe not, but he's quite good).  That move was followed up by Anthony Gonzalez, then the 2nd QB on the depth chart, getting himself arrested for marijuana possess and thusly getting himself suspended indefinitely from the team.

Soon, the subtraction of QBs from the depth chart was complete and the additions resumed.  4* QB and Nike Elite 11 QB camp standout Chad Voytik committed to the Panthers for 2012.  The once indefinite suspension to Gonzalez now had a definitive end, after 2 games into the season (Buffalo, Maine).  On top of that throw in the addition of walk-on QB Trey Anderson.

Anderson, who had initially committed to Tyler Junior College before receiving a call from QB coach Todd Dodge, came to Oakland with the intent of redshirting:

“Pittsburgh has a starting quarterback and two backups,” Anderson said, “so I’m going to sit back, watch and learn. Honestly, me and my dad have always talked that all I need is one opportunity."

This makes sense, right?  The small, 6 foot, 185lb QB would be 3rd on the depth chart until Gonzalez's suspension ended going into the Iowa game.  As Paul Zeise pointed out last week, maybe everything wasn't as set in stone as we believed:

"I'm not sure if Mark Myers really fits the mold of what they are looking for in a quarterback given this system, but it sure is fun watching the kid throw the ball. He really has a big arm and he can make all the throws. He's got good touch, he has good arm strength - he's just not as experienced and consistent as Tino Sunseri is. He can throw it around the yard with the best of them, though. And this walk-on, Trey Anderson, is tiny - he is generously listed at 6-foot - but he can throw the ball well also. He's had a couple of good days at camp as well." 

Zeise updated everyone yesterday as to the progress that Anderson was making:

"One development from today that I don't know what to make of is that walk-on freshman quarterback Trey Anderson took a lot of snaps today with the second team (in the limited time we were allowed to watch). I know coach Graham likes him a lot but I don't think this means he jumped ahead of the other quarterback on the roster, Mark Myers." 

And today, he dropped this juicy nugget on us:

"[Anderson] is a guy that has a lot of intangibles, a lot of moxy," Dodge said. "He is nothing to write home about yet, but we've been very pleased. And after the first scrimmage, he is taking the reps with the twos right now. There is still a competition for who our backup quarterback is going to be. Right now, if we played tomorrow, he would be the guy who is one play away [from stepping into the starters role]." 

So that appears to leave us with a depth chart of Sunseri/Anderson/Myers.  But where is Gonzalez in all of this?  It appears that some people knew, but a former Pitt QB had to go and get involved:

"There was also an unbelievable catch made at tonight's practice...Unfortunately, just after I wrote down the player and his position and a description of the play so I could blog about it, my notebook was confiscated by [name calling redacted for space] Pat Bostick, so I can't recall the details other than it was a great catch."

Perhaps another clue could have been an opening at H-back created by the transfering of TE Brock DeCicco on Sunday.  But for those of us who still didn't put two and two together, Chris Peak broke the news today on Panther-Lair.com:

"After being recruited as a quarterback and spending his first year-and-a-half of college at that position, Gonzalez has worked with Pitt's H-back/tight end group the last two days, and on Tuesday, head coach Todd Graham talked about the move."

"We think he's too good an athlete to be sitting over there as the third-team quarterback," Graham said. "So we asked him to come in and we'd take a look at him for some receiver stuff, and we were somewhat impressed." 

I'm all for utilizing a player's talents like this.  But I do have to say, there is one thing Graham said that I didn't like:

"I called him 'Slash' today"

Ugh.  Here's hoping that this experiment turns out better for Gonzalez than it did for the man who the term "Slash" was created.