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2011 NFL Draft: The rest | April

Baldwin and Sheard should be taken by the end of the business Friday night, but the majority of Pitt's NFL'ers will probably have to wait until Saturday to hear their names called.  That's when rounds 4-7 will take place.

Offensive lineman Jason Pinkston figures to get drafted by the early part of Saturday's festivities.  Walter Football, one of the few sites to do a full mock draft, has Pinkston going to the Eagles in the third round.  More important than who takes him might be where they want him to play.  At 6'3" and 317 lbs, he'd be a bit undersized for a tackle, but he could still probably be effective there with some work.  Guard seems like a better fit to me and with his already good footwork, Pinkston could excel inside.

The man he's been blocking for the past two seasons, Dion Lewis, is predicted to go in the fifth round to the Cleveland Browns.  With an already established back in Peyton Hillis, there's not going to be a ton of opportunity right away for Lewis, and that would probably be a good thing.  Dion will need to bulk up, work on his blocking and become a better pass-catcher to earn more reps wherever he lands.  The good news for Lewis has to be that McCoy had similar issues going into the NFL and has adjusted quite well.  McCoy was generally more talented and had a higher ceiling, but Lewis should be able to become a servicable second option in a platoon back system.

His local paper did a very in-depth piece this weekend.  Apparently he had a very good pro day, so hopefully that helps.

Walter Football also has Hynoski going into the fifth round, also to Philly.  So if the actual draft goes as Walter Football suggests, Philly will theoretically have McCoy at running back, Hynoski at fullback, Mike McGlynn at center and Pinkston on the line.

Greg Romeus, a one time first-round talent, falls all the way to the fourth after back and knee surgery this season.  A tough break for a guy who also lost his mother this year.  Stories like his are why I can never fault a guy for leaving early for the pros.

Dom DeCicco probably won't get drafted, despite his agent insisting he could play 4-3 linebacker.  DeCicco's a good athlete, it just doesn't seem like he has a position - especially at the NFL level.  Probably his best hope is to make a few rosters as a special teams player and bounce around the league for a few years.

Others, such as Greg Cross, Ricky Gary and Nate Nix almost certainly won't be drafted and will hope to work out with some teams once the lockout is listed.

Good luck to all our Panthers.